Instance Along Curve Patch 1.1.0

The new patch is here! It has some interesting usability features, such as:

  • Added rotation manipulators, with options to reset both positions and angles
  • Added translate, rotate and scale offsets, both local and global
  • Instantiates objects based on their pivots
  • Added curve start and end values
  • Added a ramp repeat value
  • Added UI annotations

It took some time, mostly because I had a lot of work lately and because handling multiple manipulators in the API is quite complicated!

You can download the plugin here:

9 thoughts on “Instance Along Curve Patch 1.1.0

  1. onur says:

    Hi, script looks fantastic! I want to try it but couldn’t get it worked under my maya 2016 it says:
    # Error: line 1: invalid syntax #

    I put the plugin under “Documents\maya\2016\scripts” as you’ve said but it doesn’t work. Then I tried to open the script code directly under the script editor of maya but that didn’t do the trick either. Then I tried to put the .py file under the plugins folder of maya which is under the folder maya installed in (not the folder in the my documents). This time I’ve seen the plugin under the plugin-manager of maya but I can’t load it because of the same error I’ve written above. Sorry for this lengthy message but I really like your script.

  2. Mariano Merchante says:

    Hi onur,

    Weird! It seems the file has some invalid character or something that the parser doesn’t like. Are you sure you are downloading the correct .py file?

    Also, note that you must place it under the plug-ins folder, not scripts. Even if it doesn’t exist, just create the directory 🙂

    I’ll paste the readme instructions:

    Save under MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH

    (Linux) $HOME/maya/plug-ins
    (Mac OS X) $HOME/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/plug-ins
    (Windows) \Users\\Documents\maya\plug-ins

    Hope that works!

  3. Hazem says:

    I have issue, I can’t make patch 1.1.0 to work on my Maya 2017 Update 3
    Previously I had the version 1.0.3 & it worked very well on that same Maya version.

    But now: all i did is just replace the older version with this latest patch (patch 1.1.0 as under the plug-ins path ((1899 lines in the file)) ) , Maya can see the plugin BUT It can’t load it.

  4. Hazem says:

    OK now it works,
    I checked again the file itself ( I didnt download it, I just copied & pasted the contents from GitHub file into .py file with me in my PC , the mistake was that my copied/pasted lines were only 1899 lines ,, the correct lines were 1900 ,, my own mistake LOL ))
    Everyone, just from that link as developper said above, press the button ((Clone or Download)) then the file (( place it plug-ins folder then load it as plugin, then use it 🙂

  5. Ionut says:

    hi.about instance plugin…i made exactly like in description but i cannot find the plugin in plugins manager.can you help me with that? maybe you have some tutorial about how to load in maya or maybe can be more specified.
    btw,which versions of maya is suported?

  6. Marco says:

    After you have created your plug-ins with .py file, just open maya and go to window, plugins mananger and check the plugin box there!

  7. ramzes0306 says:

    просто создайте папку plugins (C:\Users\namexxxxx\Documents\maya\2018). и все будеть работать

  8. Mike says:

    Please after loading the plugin in the plug-in manager, how do i use it because i can’t seem to find it anywhere? I have searched under all the menus and shelves. Btw, I am using Maya 2018

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